DIABOLOUS Cayenne powder

15 g

Shelf life: 24 months

Powdered Cayenne chili pepper. Pure, organic, naturally dehydrated. Low degree of spiciness (2/10).

DIABOLOUS Cayenne is Italian chili pepper powder, from Integral Farming. The product line is created from an attentive selection of chili pepper varieties, with peculiarities of aroma and spiciness: Cayenne pepper is pungent and intense, but characterized by an harmonic low spiciness degree (2/10).

It is ideal to flavor dishes and prepare marinades for meat, dressings and sauces for pasta. Preparation: distribute in desired quantities to flavor your dishes, or during cooking. Handle carefully. Do not touch the eyes, nose and mouth and wash your hands thoroughly after use.
100% dehydrated Cayenne chili pepper powder
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Box technical data

Number of product per box 90
Box net weight 7.25 kg
Box gross weight 7.42 kg
Box height 18.00 cm
Box length 30.5 cm
Box depth 22.5 cm
Cubature 0.0124 cm3

Pallet 80x120 technical data

CRT X Layer 12
Layer 5
CRT X Pallet 60
Height105 cm
Weight 470 kg


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