Terms and conditions

Access to the site www.organicity.it and its use are subject to these Terms and conditions. The Customer is required to carefully read the Terms and conditions before placing an order.

1. Premises and general conditions

1.1. The Organic City Consortium (hereinafter referred to as OrganiCity) is the owner of the website www.organicity.it (hereinafter the Website).

1.2 The Organic City Consortium is an Italian consortium, with legal seat in Bologna, via Andrea Costa, 228, 40134 Bologna. Its Company VAT number is: 03287811206. For any assistance or complaints, the contact details of OrganiCity are: email info@organicity.it; phone number: +39 051 0568417.

1.3 The service provided by OrganiCity is provided in Italian and English.

2. Object

2.1 OrganiCity offers organic products for sale online. These products are produced by the Italian organic companies that are members of OrganiCity.

2.2 Through the Website, the Customer can order and purchase the products offered by OrganiCity. Once the order has been received, OrganiCity will send a confirmation email with all the updated information (as better defined in Article 6 below). The Customer make an advance payment to OrganiCity that will ship the products to the Customer’s shipping address.

2.3 Through the Website, the Customer has the possibility to order a basket of mixed Italian organic products placing a single order to OrganiCity that will take care to ship the products and to issue the invoice to the Customer.

3. Products

3.1 The graphics of the delivered products may not coincide with what shown on the Website, when the manufacturer has modified the packaging, therefore for reasons beyond the control of OrganiCity. The photos are indicative and the items may undergo variations with respect to the presentation in the Website.

3.2 OrganiCity warrants that the products are in accordance with the contract, the specificities described on the Website and the reasonable requirements as to their quality and usefulness. In the event that an apparent defect or non-conformity is found, the Customer must imperatively and immediately report this fact to OrganiCity.

4. Customer Area – Account

4.1 In order to place an order, the Customer is invited to create an account.

4.2 To create an account, the Customer must register by completing the form in the area “My account” with all the required information (name, surname, company name and VAT number, email address, password). He undertakes to provide sincere and accurate information about his contact information, including his email address.

4.3 OrganiCity will approve the account registration and will send a confirmation email to the Customer.

4.4 The Customer is responsible for updating the information provided. He is told that he can modify them by logging into his account.

4.5 The registration is free. It is possible to make a single registration per Customer. Multiple registrations will be automatically deleted from OrganiCity.

4.6 To access his personal area, the Customer must identify himself using the e-mail address and password that he has used during the registration process. This data is strictly personal and any disclosure is forbidden. The personal area is strictly reserved for the use of the Customer and can’t be used by any other Customer. The Customer must notify OrganiCity in case of suspicious use of his username or password, as well as in case of loss, removal and disclosure of the same.

4.7 In the personal area “my Account” on the Website, the Customer can view all his past Orders, the shipment details of the Orders, as well as manage and save its personal data.

4.8 In case of non-compliance with the Terms and conditions, OrganiCity has the possibility to suspend or even close the account of a Customer after formal notice sent by email.

5. Prices on the Website

5.1 All the prices mentioned in the Website are expressed in Euros (€).

5.2 These prices do not include shipping costs and other further costs (i.e. costs for the certificates) that are extra billed. The shipping costs will be calculated after receiving the Pre-order and will depend on the country of destination, delivery time and shipping method. OrganiCity will communicate the shipping costs to the Customer, by sending him an email (“Order Confirmation”) with the updated total costs of the Order.

5.3 The Customer must request to OrganiCity, at the time of the order, the certificates that must accompany the goods. The cost of the certificates will be quantified by OrganiCity and charged to the Customer. The “Order Confirmation” will include these costs as any other further costs.

5.4 The Customer must inform OrganiCity about any CUSTOMS REGULATIONS of his country (i.e. minimum shelf-life of the products, etc …)

6. Orders

It is up to the Customer to select on the Website the Products he wishes to order, according to the following terms:

6.1 The Customer connects to his account (area “My account”). The Customer chooses the products putting them in his shopping cart, confirms his billing and shipping details and places the Pre-order. At this stage he is also able to add a note for OrganiCity. OrganiCity receives the Pre-order and send a confirmation email to the Customer (“Pre-order confirmation”).

6.2. OrganiCity updates the Pre-order, confirming the products and adding the shipping costs and any other further costs (i.e. costs for certificates). Once the Pre-order has been updated, OrganiCity sends an email (“Order confirmation”) to the Customer. The Order confirmation includes the summary of the Order, the updated total costs, the Customer’s data and the bank information for proceeding with the advance payment.

6.3. It is the Customer’s responsibility to check the accuracy of the order and report any errors immediately.

6.4 The Customer pays the advance payment by bank transfer. By paying the advance payment the Customer approves the Order as reported in the Order Confirmation.

6.5 The Customer can remove or modify the Order at any stage before the advance payment. Once the payment has been made, the order can no longer be modified.

6.6 The Customer will be able to follow the evolution of his order on the Website, on “My account” section. In this section, the Customer will also find a list of all the placed Orders.

7. Payment and billing

7.1 Payment for the Products purchased on the Website is made by ADVANCE BANK TRANSFER.

7.2 The Customer received an invoice issued by OrganiCity, including the total costs of the Order (Products costs, shipping costs, costs for the certificates, any further costs).

8. Shipping of the products

8.1 OrganiCity organizes the transportation of the ordered products arranging a single shipment, in order to optimize the shipping costs.

8.2 The Customer can choose the courier for shipping the products and OrganiCity will send the goods to him. Otherwise, OrganiCity can take care of choosing the courier itself, in accordance with the Customer. Anyway, the shipping cost is charged to the Customer.

8.3 OrganiCity will prepare a single packing list and a single invoice for the Customer.

9. Evidence

9.1 E-mails and automatic registration systems of the Website serve as proof, especially for the date of the order and its contents.

10. Complaints

10.1 Any complaint relating to the service or the Order must be forwarded to ORGANICITY by sending an email to: info@organicity.it

11. Website content and intellectual property

11.1 Nothing contained in the Website is valid as a concession to third parties of the industrial and intellectual property rights indicated in this section. OrganiCity reserves all intellectual property rights of the Website. The names of the products published on the Website or of the companies mentioned, even if they are not indicated with the identification symbol of the trademark registration, are trademarks owned by third parties and are protected by trademark law and unfair competition rules. Any use of these trademarks is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of the relative owner and, in particular, it is forbidden to use them in a way that creates confusion among consumers regarding the origin of the products or for sponsorship purposes, as well as in any way discredit the owner of the trademark. All rights that are not expressly granted are reserved to the trademark owner.

12. Duration of the account

12.1 The Customer can delete his account at any time through the functionality in the “My Account” section. After the cancellation, the Customer will receive by e-mail an automatic communication confirming the receipt of the request, specifying that the account will be deactivated within the following twenty-four hours. It is understood that the Customer is responsible for all activities carried out with the account up to the time of actual deletion.
Any account deletion, whatever the reason, causes the outright deletion of any personal information of the Customer.

13. Applicable law and jurisdiction

13.1 These Terms and Conditions are governed and regulated by Italian law. For the solution of disputes relating to the interpretation, execution or resolution of these Terms and Conditions or of each individual Order (i) if the Customer is a consumer pursuant to the Consumer Code, the court of his Municipality of residence or domicile will have exclusive jurisdiction, if located in Italy; (ii) in all other cases, the Court of Bologna will have exclusive jurisdiction.