OrganiCity is a consortium that brings together the best Italian producers of organic food.
Through its e-commerce, OrganiCity sells the products of its partner companies all over the world to food operators, such as wholesalers, mass-market retailers and restaurant owners, offering its customers the advantage of having a single interlocutor for all fiscal and customs practices.

OrganiCity sells only Italian and organic food products, certified and with all the requirements for export.

Yes, you can if you have a VAT number and work in the food and wine sector. In order to start buying, request your user profile.

To start buying on OrganiCity you must request the creation of your user profile. Once your user profile is enabled you will be able to see prices, detailed information of each product and you can place your orders.
Each order has 3 steps:

  1. Add the products you want to your cart and send us your pre-order;
  2. We will reply to you within a few days with a confirmation request email in which we will indicate the mode and shipping costs and, therefore, the total price of your order. You can then finalize the order by proceeding to payment. You can make the payment by bank transfer: you will find the data for payment in our email.
  3. Once your payment is received, your order is confirmed! We will proceed in the agreed time to the processing and shipment of the order.

Yes, in order to streamline our processes and offer low shipping costs, the minimum order amount is €2,500. However, each product is offered in minimum purchase packages. Consult the product sheets for more details.

For each pre-order received, we provide information on delivery times and an ad hoc quote for shipping costs. After our communication you can confirm or not your order.

Yes, we sell worldwide. However, some products may not be available for sale in certain countries: any restrictions are indicated on each product sheet.

Discover the section dedicated to companies that want to become partners of OrganiCity.