– Elisa Food line –

Pizza dough… prepared with natural yeast
The company Elisa Food is specialized in the production of pizzas, mini pizzas and pizza bases for 40 years, and they can be kept fresh, at room temperature or frozen.


Snack mini pizza, diameter 15 cm, 110g each, storage in ambient temperature

Pizza bases

Pizza bases, diameter 23 cm, 300g (2X150G), American style, organic whole wheat, spelt, kamut

Pizza base

Hand stretch pizza base backed on stone, Italian style, diameter 28 CM, 220g each

Pizza with tomato and pizza with vegetable bases

Hand stretch and backed on stone pizzas 28cm, Tomato pizza base 280 g, 16 bases per carton. Pizza with vegetables 380g, 28 cm, 10 pizzas per carton. Pizza Margherita 360g, 28 cm. Pizza with 3 cheeses + pecorino cheese 380g.

Gluten-free Pizza with three cheeses
Gluten-free pizza with 3 cheeses cooked on stone, diameter 25 cm, 350g, 10 pizzas per carton

Gluten-free Pizza Margherita
Gluten-free pizza Margherita cooked on stone, diameter 25cm, 350g, 10 pizzas per carton